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拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_1
©Latz + Partner

Transformation of the urban public sphere on former military barracks in northern Munich (Funkkaserne) into an urban nature and new neighbourhood.

Domagkpark exemplarily demonstrates, that public space is an organized element for urban phenomena and contemporary landscape design by integrating ecological habitats and existing elements, developing environmental quality goals and improving daily life conditions.

慕尼黑在市中心内外都设有节点,还有一个连接城市和郊区的空间网络。公共空间和城市自然空间与土地管理政策和实现可持续性的目标密切相关。自1992年以来,该市引入了城市发展措施,比如2002年的总体规划(Ortner & Ortner)。2012年,Latz+Partner凭借融合了“城市”元素(文化、社会和人文主义维度)和“绿色”元素(生态、经济维度)的都马社区公园概念赢得了这个景观设计竞赛。
Munich has peripheral nodes inside and outside the city centre and a network of spatial ‘voids’, which connect the urban to the sub-urban fabric. Public space and urban natures are strongly related to the policies regarding the management of ‘ground’ and achievement of ‘sustainability’. Since 1992 the city introduced urban development measures, like the Masterplan 2002 (Ortner & Ortner). In 2012 Latz + Partner won the landscape architectural competition with the Domagkpark concept focusing on ´urban´ (cultural, social and humanitarian dimension), and ´green´ components (ecological dimension) inserted into a ´compact´ (economic dimension) new sector.

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_2
项目平面图 Master Plan ©Latz + Partner

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_3
竞赛效果图 Perspective ©Latz + Partner

Until 2018 a high building density of 1.800 new apartments, private and semi-private gardens, and a central park with existing trees were realized. It comprises furthermore children day-care facilities, an elementary school, student accommodations, artist ateliers, shops and restaurants.

The new district is connected in short distances via a triangularly shaped 2,4 ha central green space. The area was transformed into a public woodland and meadow park with a new character:  broad promenades of water-bound gravel, which flexibly bend around existing trees, frame ecological habitats of meadows and with new herbaceous, shrub and tree layer plantings integrating 70-year-old mature trees. Sectoral squares connect to the inner infrastructure. This design approach focused on maximizing restoration and integration of existing elements. Vegetation layers were developed along users´ demands, like views along open spaces or areas of mown / unmown grass in order to support safety.

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_4
森林和草地空间 woodland and meadow park 
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_5
森林和草地空间 woodland and meadow park 
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_6
高密度的建筑群 a high building density 
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_7
The park is framed by broad.
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_8
the banks in the park
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

Latz+Partner aimed to define a clearly recognizable social central place as a playscape reusing temporary man-made topography. A central playground was created in a deep hollow, which originated from the demolition of the military barrack and is now spanned by a pedestrian bridge. Today it represents the formative motif of this newly shaped identity playground.

The central playground was created in a deep hollow. 

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_9
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

The playground is now spanned by a pedestrian bridge. 

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_10
人行天桥 the pedestrian bridge
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_11
人行天桥 the pedestrian bridge
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_12
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_13
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_14
人行天桥下 under the pedestrian bridge 
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_15
人行天桥下 under the pedestrian bridge 
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_16
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

It represents the formative motif of this newly shaped identity playground. 

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_17
©Latz + Partner

Further playing tools are positioned along the fringe of the great lawns and meadows supporting multifunctional uses. This generous green public space offers even in rainy weather conditions possibilities for micro-actions. For Latz+Partner the treatment of transitions between public green structures and private housing areas were very important, especially in terms of enhancement of micro-climate, spatial and safety effects.

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_18
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_19
©Kristof Lange I Design & Photographie

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_20
©Latz + Partner

拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑​都马社区公园_21
©Latz + Partner

The project process, which was guided by Latz + Partner, included various participatory meetings with the park citizens and neighbours. In summary, the Domagkpark it is a good example for a polycentric node, which helped to balance the social mix of an active micro-society and to enhance ecosystemic and health issues. The governance of this park is in balance with the capacities of the public hand, in terms of finance and man-power.

项目名称 Transformation of a former military site into a public park Domagkpark, Munich, DE
业主单位 City of Munich
项目总监 Mr. Emrich
设计单位 LATZ+PARTNER Landscape Architecture Urban Planning
主创设计 Tilman Latz
设计团队 Burkhard Krüpe, Michael Stegmeier,
Daniela Strasinsky
施工单位 Adler Olesch Landscape Architects, Munich
项目经理 Ms. Gerstner


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拉茨与合伙人 | 德国慕尼黑都马社区公园

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