Morris Iemma室内体育中心

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Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Center

设计方:McPhee Architects建筑事务所

位置:澳大利亚 马里克维尔




摄影师:Sharrin Rees

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Project Area: 3,575 sqm

这是由Wayne McPhee事务所设计的Morris Iemma室内体育中心,作为社区的公共设施,设计的开端就是为了能抓住Riverwood的主要特质,这是一个又有河又有树的诗意之地。对地理环境和文化背景的理解是这个设计的重要因素。这是一个表达和包含当地文化,自然和体育活动特点的建筑和设施,它不但是功能性的,也是社会性的。设计过程是为了最大限度地实现场地的潜力,为使用者提供体育设施及其他可以提升生活质量的设施。这是一个强大的结构和形象,场地东西走向,呈现出手指形的屋顶形式。金属覆盖的手指形结构从主体育大厅向西延伸,每个手指形状都有一个盒子形的窗户,它为室内使用者和室外路过的行人提供视觉上的联系,同时能在白天和夜晚为室内都提供很高的可见性。

The Morris Lemma Indoor Sports Centre (MIISC) was designed by Wayne McPhee & Associates, Architects, with a team of engineering specialists. As a community facility for the people of Canterbury, our beginning of the design process was to capture the context of Riverwood, a “poetic” place name combining both river and wood. This understanding of the geographic and cultural context was a springboard to the creative design process for the building. The MIISC as a community sporting facility contains and expresses the culture, character, nature and sporting uses of the site. The building expresses not only functional and operational requirements but community and social aspirations which have been realized through generous government financial contributions. Our design approach has been to maximize the potential of the site and provide the occupants sporting and improved lifestyle opportunities. The Indoor sports centre expresses itself as a strong muscular building; closely following Council’s brief to provide a centre for community health fitness and strength. The site flows east/west and we have devised a building which channels these flows which are expressed in the roof form as ‘finger’ strips. The metal clad ‘fingers’ extend from the main sports hall west towards Belmore Road. Each ‘finger’ has a box shaped picture window end providing a visual connection between the occupants and passers-by giving high visibility to the interior spaces during both day time and evening.

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平面图 Plan-Morris Iemma室内体育中心第13张图片

平面图 Plan

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位置平面图 Site Plan

平面图 Plan

剖面图 Section

位置平面图 Site Plan


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