Masia Can Guasch学院

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Masia Can Guasch

设计方:TwoBo Architecture 和 Luis Twose Architect事务所







Masia Can Guasch学院第1张图片

摄影师:TwoBo Architecture和Luis Twose Architect

Photographs: Courtesy of TwoBo Architecture, Luis Twose Architect
Project area: 1,300 sqm

这个项目是将一个十六世纪的住宅改为一个新的学院中心,场地位于西班牙Parets del Vallès,周围被一群新的工厂环绕,是附近乡村为数不多的几个遗址之一。在翻修之前建筑已被遗弃,并有坍塌隐患。之前的一系列翻修和扩建已经改变了建筑的原有风貌,使之处于一种绝望的状态。这个项目是对原有建筑的一次质量提升,一方面提升和恢复历史价值,另一方面设计通过两个视觉轴线和自然光的引入将空间清晰化,改变原来黑暗混乱的状态。设计师重点关注两个方面,西侧立面和塔楼的室内。西侧立面加入了一个新的入口通道,它将人们带入学院入口。这个开口由一个新建门廊定义,这个门廊中性但现代,由钢铁和玻璃组成,其形状与西侧立面的老旧部分呼应。防御性塔楼是住宅的象征,它在这个项目中被恢复。室内楼层被适当移除以产生垂直的开阔空间,老旧的木质楼梯因此被显现出来,并将人们引到塔楼楼顶。设计还去除了所有墙面的涂漆,露出底下的石头结构。项目还包括很多景观的处理,考虑到周围的工业氛围,设计试图通过种植当地植被打造绿洲形象。

The aim of the Project was to convert a sixteenth-century house into a new academy centre. The site is located in Parets del Vallès and is surrounded by a group of new factories. The house was one of the few vestiges of the rural past of the town. Before our intervention, the house was abandoned and it was in danger of collapsing. It had suffered a lot of renovations and extensions which had obscured the original shape of the building and were now in a state of disrepair. This project led to requalification of the existing building, on one hand enhancing and recovering the most historic values, and on the other, clarifying its spaces, which were dark and chaotic, by a new layout with two visual axes and through the introduction of natural light which now reaches every space of the house. We focused our intervention on two points, the west façade and the interior of the tower. On the west façade, we designed a new access path ending in a plaza which leads to the entrance of the academy. This entrance is framed by a new “loggia” (an open-air gallery) which was designed to be a neutral but modern element of iron and glass whose shape connects old parts of the west façade. The defensive tower, which had been the old symbol of the house, has been restored. The floors were removed to create a dramatic vertical space that leads to the old wooden staircase at the top of the tower. With all the plaster removed, the underlying stone structure is now visible. The project also involved the landscaping of the grounds. Taking into account the industrial surroundings, and we have tried to create a quiet oasis by making the most of the existing topography, and by planting local vegetation.

Masia Can Guasch学院第2张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-2

Masia Can Guasch学院第3张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-3

Masia Can Guasch学院第4张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-4

Masia Can Guasch学院第5张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-5

Masia Can Guasch学院第6张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-6

Masia Can Guasch学院第7张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-7

Masia Can Guasch学院第8张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-8

Masia Can Guasch学院第9张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-9

Masia Can Guasch学院第10张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-10

Masia Can Guasch学院第11张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-11

Masia Can Guasch学院第12张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-12

Masia Can Guasch学院第13张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-13

Masia Can Guasch学院第14张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-14

Masia Can Guasch学院第15张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-15

Masia Can Guasch学院第16张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-16

Masia Can Guasch学院第17张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-17

Masia Can Guasch学院第18张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-18

Masia Can Guasch学院第19张图片

Masia Can Guasch学院-19

北立面图 north elevation-Masia Can Guasch学院第20张图片

北立面图 north elevation

低层楼梯细节 tower stair detai-Masia Can Guasch学院第21张图片

低层楼梯细节 tower stair detail

平面图01 plan 01-Masia Can Guasch学院第22张图片

平面图01 plan 01

平面图02 plan 02-Masia Can Guasch学院第23张图片

平面图02 plan 02

剖面图 section-Masia Can Guasch学院第24张图片

剖面图 section

位置平面图 site plan-Masia Can Guasch学院第25张图片

位置平面图 site plan

西立面图 west elevation-Masia Can Guasch学院第26张图片

西立面图 west elevation

走廊细节 gallery detail-Masia Can Guasch学院第27张图片

走廊细节 gallery detail

北立面图 north elevation

低层楼梯细节 tower stair detail

平面图01 plan 01

平面图02 plan 02

剖面图 section

位置平面图 site plan

西立面图 west elevation

走廊细节 gallery detail


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